Free Home Delivery

Big Lake Microgreens, is a small ‘direct to community’ farm that offers

FREE HOME DELIVERY anywhere from Two Harbors to Grand Marais

What we like most is how easy they are to use:

Throw them on a sandwich and it’s quickly a nutritious tasty meal.

Forget to make a salad for the family dinner?

just put some micros on your plate as a side.

The sunflower shoots are a great snack while watching the game or reading a book.

Toss the broccoli in some scrambled eggs for an easy start to the day

Microgreens are the earliest stage of a vegetable plant’s development after the sprouting stage.

In the photo below, you can see sprouts on the left, microgreens in the middle and a more mature vegetable plant on the right:

Your doctor has probably told you to eat more leafy greens that are good for your heart. This is a real simple way to get that without having to eat a whole plate of vegetables every day.

Children love them as they are already bite size, and moms love the safe nutrition they are giving their families.

  • Their nutrient content is more concentrated
  • Their vitamin and antioxidants levels are up to 40X higher than more mature greens
  • They’re richer in B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc

We offer a $20 microgreens box called

“ The Superior Sampler”

that contains:

4 oz of Sunflower shoots 3 oz of Pea shoots 2 oz of Radish 2 oz of Broccoli

  • We use Organic non-gmo seeds, and do not use fertilizer or pesticides
  • They’re exceptionally fresh because they’re delivered less than 24 hours after they’re harvested
  • They have enhanced shelf-life (minimum 7 days)

We offer The Superior Sampler microgreens box for

$20/week or bi-weekly, on an automatic subscription (pause or cancel anytime)

Just leave a cooler out on your delivery day each week and we’ll take care of the rest!

I look forward to hearing how these microgreens make you feel!

Mark Dahlen